Hey, Mindee here and I'm asking all of you women out there one very important question: If I asked to borrow something from your purse (keys, tissue, gum, hygiene product, etc.), how long would it take for you to find it?

Be honest.

Would you have to dump the whole thing, rummage through the wreckage and then mutter, "I was sure I had one of those in here."?

Let's face it, most of us have a problem. Our purses are overflowing with leftover items, receipts, ticket stubs, used tissues, sniglets (no, really), socks, toys, spare keys, coupons and, well, a whole bunch of other stuff.

Today, let's make a vow together to declutter our purses!

Here are some easy (although not altogether painless) steps to decluttering your purse:

  1. To start off, dump it out! That's right, find a clean and empty space (table or counter) and turn the thing upside down. Then take the empty purse and give it a good cleaning (using a mini-vac helps).
  2. Then, sort it. Put all the things in the pile into categories (i.e. -- healthcare, make-up, hair accessories, finance, work).
  3. You know my favorite part and my favorite words -- chuck 'em! More specifically, throw out all the unnecessary items -- used tissues, old receipts, worn out hair ties, dried up gum, used-up pens, etc.
  4. Take the important items and consolidate. Add business card info to phone, take pictures of receipts you might need record of, add info from post-its and stickies to your phone. Consolidate!
  5. Organize! Get all credit cards in their proper slots, have a special place for your ID (driver's license, etc.), put money neatly back into your wallet, utilize those purse pockets you have long been ignoring.
  6. And finally, take a damp cloth to the outside of the purse and give it a good shine. Depending on the material, use an appropriate cleaning solution and make that baby look new again!

I've never been one of those that has a different purse for every outfit and chances are you are not either. So one good session should set your purse up for a more sane and happy life.

And next time someone asks to borrow something, you won't be embarrassed to look through your purse.


I've got so many more ideas to help you declutter your life, so look for them in future editions of "Decluttering your life with Mindee Neatnik."

Mindee Neatnik
Mindee Neatnik

* Mindee Neatnik is a St. George resident who takes pride in her married life, her neat-to-a-tee home and her thriving business (Neatnik's DC) of helping Washington County residents clean up their lives. Mindee is married (Brent) and has three perfect children. Well, at least she thinks they are. Reach her on Truth Social at @Mindeeneatnik.

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