After a seriously impressive turnout thanks to snowmelt, the falls at Gunlock State Park have begun to dissipate.  

The winter months of 2023 have been very uncharacteristic for Southern Utah thanks to the incredible amount of moisture from rain and snow. 

This moisture has led to the water levels at the lakes of Southern Utah to increase significantly. 

Gunlock State Park was also affected greatly by the increase of snowmelt. The falls at Gunlock have allowed for lots of fun in the sun, as well as increasing the water reserve. 

All good things must come to an end though.  

Those falls at Gunlock have begun to slow down at an exponential rate. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s just the end of this year's snow melt. 

Officials of Gunlock State Park released a statement on their Facebook page where they thanked everyone for the large turnout at the park.  

They also warned about the massive buildup of moss where the falls used to be. Why are they so worried about moss? Because the moss can lead to slip-and-fall incidents, like the ones we’ve been seeing in the past month. 

It’s also important to note the possibility of a serious flood season courteous of the abundance of moisture over-saturating the ground in Southern Utah. 

When the ground becomes over-saturated, it doesn’t absorb water from the rainfall. Instead, it can lead to flooding which can become a serious danger to those at Gunlock State Park. 

Just be aware of the possibility and prepare accordingly, and most importantly, stay safe. 


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