The best place to set off fireworks is a public space like a park, where you are safer, there is less chance of fire and you can watch others setting their fireworks off as well.

Since 2021, the City of St. George has designated several city parks in which fireworks may be discharged. This year’s list includes 19 parks — and one significant change from previous years.

Due to the new turf surfaces at the Fields at Little Valley, fireworks are no longer permitted in that park. That includes the soccer fields, pickleball courts, and the baseball and softball fields.

However, there are two park alternatives in the Little Valley neighborhood in which to discharge fireworks: Silkwood Park (3390 South 2710 East) and Crimson Ridge Park (3100 East Crimson Ridge Drive).

As noted here, fireworks in the state of Utah may be discharged between July 2-5 and July 22-25 between 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. On the holidays themselves (July 4 and 24) they can be used until midnight. Fireworks are restricted in the areas seen on this map.

“Those who violate the fireworks restrictions — whether it is because of illegal fireworks use, discharging them in a restricted area or not within the allotted days — could be cited,” said Officer Tiffany Mitchell from the St. George Police Department. “The last thing we want to see are people’s lives and property threatened because of irresponsible fireworks usage.”

“We know that for a lot of people, fireworks are a traditional way to celebrate the 4th of July or Pioneer Day with friends and family. I urge those who are shooting off their own fireworks to show caution and know the areas where they are allowed — and when they are allowed,” said St. George Fire Chief Robert Stoker. “Around those holidays, our department is always stretched pretty thin. If everyone does their part and those shooting fireworks do so in a safe manner, we will be in good shape.”

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