The June 25 primary election in Utah is here and the election results are now available to all residents. In this article, we’re covering the governor, senate, and second congressional district primary election results, but resources can be found at the end that shows the rest of the election results. 

Utah Governor Election 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox and candidate Phil Lyman are going head-to-head for GOP nomination ahead of the November election, and Lyman managed to get ahead during the GOP Convention in Utah. It was enough to win the official endorsement, and now the primary election will decide who moves on. 


  • Spencer Cox (Incumbent) 
  • Phil Lyman 


The Associated Press reported Spencer Cox as the winner of the 2024 Utah primary election at 8:23 p.m. on June 25. More detailed results can be found by clicking here. 

Senate Election 

The race to replace Senator Mitt Romney will come to a head today with Trent Staggs receiving an endorsement from Former President Donald Trump and sending his poll numbers through the roof. Let’s see if it’s enough to win the GOP nomination. 


  • John Curtis 
  • Trent Staggs 
  • Jason Walton 
  • Brad R. Wilson 


The Associated Press has reported John Curtis as the winner of the Utah primary election as of 8:23 p.m. on June 25. Bear in mind results are subject to change as more votes are tallied. More detailed numbers can be found here. 

2nd Congressional District Election 

Incumbent Celeste Maloy and candidate Colby Jenkins have been going back and forth in the polls, but Jenkins managed to shoot ahead by a solid margin during the GOP Convention thanks to a late-game endorsement from Senator Mike Lee. Maloy received a big endorsement last week courteous of Former President Donald Trump, as well as several other Utah officials. 


  • Celeste Maloy (Incumbent) 
  • Colby Jenkins 


A winner has yet to be decided between Jenkins and Maloy. As of 6:22 a.m. on June 26, Maloy has 51.8% percent of the vote while Jenkins has 48.2%. We'll update this article once a winner has been decided.

August 2023 Congressional Debate

Celeste Maloy, Bruce Hough, Becky Edwards(Not Present)

Gallery Credit: Shelly Griffin

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