By Bryan Hyde

Life gets very complicated and chaotic at times and that can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

This sense of being overloaded can lead us to some unhealthy places, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can leave us in a kind of darkness that feels hopeless or directionless.


Isaac Morehouse has a simple suggestion for how to step back into the light and to reclaim a healthy sense of wonder at the world around us: Practice being in awe every day.

He points out that maintaining a sense of genuine awe isn’t the same thing as ignoring what’s troubling us so much as taking the time to notice what is truly inspiring around us.

He says awe can come from staring at a spider web on the front porch and considering how it was made overnight by such a small creature. How does the spider know how to design and execute such a perfect web.


Awe can come from taking the time to really notice the incredible natural beauty in a sunset or a range of mountains. We’re often simply too preoccupied to notice these things.

An often overlooked example of awe is found in appreciating the incredible goodness of the people around us. We just have to be willing to look for it.

Finding time to experience genuine awe each day is a powerful tool to bring us back to a healthy place.

-- Hyde In Plain Sight is written by KDXU personality Bryan Hyde. Catch his daily HIPS vignette at 7:50-ish every weekday morning on KDXU and listen to Bryan's show weekends at 7 p.m. Saturday and 6 p.m. Sunday nights.

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