As we approach two weeks since a prescribed burn turned into a 2,400-acre wildfire in Beaver County, what are fire workers doing to stop the fire in its tracks before it grows out of control? The answer? Everything. 

The Little Twist Fire was reported on June 13 after a prescribed burn grew out of control and turned into a bustling wildfire that quickly grew to over 2,000 acres in a matter of days. 

It hasn’t just harmed the environment but has also caused harm to one particular fire fighter who was amid the action on June 23.  

“Hotshot” Daniel Burns was fighting the Little Twist Fire in Beaver County when a helicopter dropping water on the flames caused a tree to fall on Burns, fracturing several bones in his shoulder and face. A GoFundMe page established by the friends and family of Burns explained the situation. 

The page said, “Burns, a US Marine Corp Veteran and first year Bonneville Hotshot, was helping suppress a spot fire in Division Whiskey when a helicopter entering the area to drop water on the fire destabilized a standing tree and caused it to fall over, striking Burns in the head and shoulders, pinning him to the ground. He miraculously survived being hit and crushed by a 16” diameter tree, but suffered fractures of bones in the shoulder and face, requiring a helicopter LifeFlight to St George for numerous surgeries. While Bonneville Interagency Hotshot Crew feels blessed Burns survived, we remain deeply concerned about his road to recovery and ability to provide for himself while missing the rest of the 2024 Fire Season.” 

St. George Brush Fire April 2024

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