Authorities are revealing more information regarding human remains found buried at the home of an elderly woman in Cedar City, who has not been seen since April. 

While police are waiting for results from the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner of an autopsy and unable to confirm at this point that the remains are of 73-year-old Kay Gosewisch, they can confirm that it’s a homicide investigation for the body. Meanwhile, her son, 32-year-old Joshua James Glover, is being held without bail as a flight risk and has invoked his Fifth Amendment rights to stay silent, both to the disappearance of his mother and the homicide investigation.

The Cedar City Police Department confirmed with ABC4 News the body was found in an outbuilding with a cellar that had freshly poured cement, requiring them to remove and dig the material, at which point they located the human remains.

According to charging documents, the bank said Glover would withdraw $300 at a time, and in July made 23 withdrawals of $300. On Aug. 7, he attempted to withdraw $5,000, but the bank asked where Gosewisch was, the charges state. He told the manager he would return to his mother’s home and bring her to the bank, according to charging documents, but he never returned. It was his last attempt to withdraw any money, police tell ABC4 News. 

Bank officials notified police that it was very unusual for Gosewisch to not come into the bank. Charging documents further noted that “Ms. Gosewisch’s utilities are past due and her bills are not being paid. The bank account activity seems to show that Joshua Glover has used the money for himself and that Ms. Gosewisch has not personally accessed the account since April.”

Police stated they then went back to Gosewisch’s home where neighbors said she was possibly in Washington or Nevada visiting family. But officers identified her car in her driveway. When officers came back to the residence a third time, they entered the home based on suspicious text messages they sought to follow up on, where officers found suspicious items that prompted them to draft a warrant to search the home and property. 

During that time, authorities found an outbuilding with a cellar that had some cement that was freshly poured, where they obtained a second warrant to remove the cement, according to Cedar City Police Sgt. Clint Pollock. Once they dug through it, they located human remains. 

The body remains at the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner for identification and cause of death. An autopsy is still being conducted. The body had outward signs of decomposure, and police estimate the individual had been dead for at least several weeks, according to Pollock.

On Sept. 5, at approximately 10:30 a.m., Cedar Communications received a phone call regarding Glover being spotted at Smith’s Grocery store in Cedar City. The witness reported Glover was leaving in a white car. Police state they initially believed he was in his mother’s 2007 white Saturn Ion with Utah license plate 776UUV. Officers arrived and viewed Joshua leaving in a white four-door sedan. 

An officer conducted a high-risk traffic stop and asked Glover to exit the vehicle, at which point he sped off at a high rate of speed with no regard for public safety, police state. Officers pursued him through the East side of town, where he crashed into a police vehicle on Highland Drive. His vehicle was disabled, and officers state he fled on foot behind a residence, where officers pursued and took him into custody. 

Glover was booked and remains in the Iron County Jail, facing charges of felony evading, reckless driving, resisting and interfering with an arrest, no proof of insurance, possession of a firearm by a restricted person, possession of controlled substances, and his warrants for possession of a firearm by a restricted person, possession of controlled substances, and possession of stolen credit cards. 

“Due to the suspicious activity of her accounts multiple times since her disappearance in April, he typically was not accessing her account prior to that,” Pollock said. “We also have other suspicious items that we are looking into to determine if he is, in fact, the suspect or not.” 

Authorities are unable to confirm at this time if Glover has hired a lawyer.

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