Shopping at Walmart is usually a crazy experience no matter what time of year and trying to listen to the intercom announcements can be tiresome, but here is why you should.  

Every store has its own set of intercom codes that tell employees whether there is an emergency, a missing kid, or even an aisle spill cleanup. Walmart is no exception and the codes you’ll want to know are the colored ones.  

Commoncentsmom shared what each of the colors over the intercom means. There are seven color codes you need to be aware of and listen for if you’re shopping in a Utah Walmart.  

Code White— This code indicates an injury of some sort or another type of accident within the store.  

Code Red— A fire has broken out. Once the color code has been announced it should be followed up by an aisle location. You should avoid the area and possibly get out of the store.  

Code Orange— A chemical spill has occurred and for any free employees, this is an all-hands-on-deck situation. The location will also be announced after the color.  

Code Black— This code is most likely not going to be heard in Utah stores, but it indicates dangerous and severe weather.  

Code Brown— A shooter is on the property and if possible, you should head to a nearby exit. Follow employee instructions and try to remain calm.  

Code Green— A hostage situation is taking place, and you should call the police if you are in a safe position to do so.  

Code Blue— This code indicates a possible bomb threat inside the store. 

These are all the codes that could mean a serious, and possibly life-endangering situation is going on in the vicinity. So, even though nine times out of 10 those intercom calls won’t have anything to do with you it's important to be on alert for your safety.  

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