The PAC 12 and Utah should be following the "Madden Principle" right now instead of trying to add SMU and SDSU to the conference. 

You know when you're watching your two nephews play Madden and it's 4th and 7?

Does the nephew on offense EVER punt? No!

He simply looks over at his opponent. His enemy. Who is holding his breath, praying that he's going to decide to punt. And that dictates what the nephew on offense chooses to do.

"He's praying I punt, THEREFORE I'm going to go for it!

That's the "Madden Principle," looking to your enemy will tell you all you need to know about what your decision should be.

PAC 12, your enemy is the BIG 12!

They are your closest most equal competitor. The Big 10 is a Goliath, the SEC is even bigger than that, and the ACC is a million miles away. The PAC 12 commissioner has been very vocal in his criticism of the BIG 12 and they hate each other.

The Big 12 now has BYU. BYU has had to be little-brothered by Utah for 12 years since Utah has been in the Power 5. They hate each other.

The conferences compete for recruits, they competed for a minute on teams to go after for expansion. The BIG 12 is your enemy Pac 12, so now when you are about to sign lowly SMU(!) and San Diego State(!!) to your conference, and you're trying to make the decision, you don't have to go up to the booth and have the egg heads crunch the numbers and calculate television revenue and all the analytics and financial forecasts nonsense.

You don't need any analytics. You simply need to look at your enemy! BYU and the BIG 12 are rolling on the floor laughing at you. That tells you all you need to know about what decision you should make.

Don't do it!!

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