Who's the guy in your life who is constantly telling you about some hidden gem restaurant you should try?

Is it your weird neighbor or somebody work?

They constantly want to be the one to reveal something to you. Something they know that nobody else does!

They have taste and the rest of the world is a bunch of mouth-breathing buffoons.

And then you go to the place they recommended and you're like:

"I'd have rather gone to Roadhouse. This was nothing special..."

My Mountain West basketball friends, you're my friend like this!

The Mountain West right now, has five teams is the the top 35 of the sacred NET RANKINGS. They're going to get as many teams in the tournament as the PAC 12.


Wow! The Mountain West. Man, that's good basketball. Nobody can win in Wyoming. San Diego State can beat anybody in the country. BYU wants no part of Utah State in the Spectrum. It's a hidden gem, under-appreciated basketball conference.

And then you try it. It's March. One of them is in the tournament. You watch...and it's a first round exit every time!

The Mountain West hasn't won a tournament game since 2018. They got 4 teams in the tournament last year. They went 0-4. They're record as the conference is currently constituted is 5-17 since 2013. You know what conferences won games last year? Metro Atlantic, Ohio Valley, THE WAC!!

So please hold off on the unappreciated gem talk. Call me in March. But not on Thursday...wait until Saturday.

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