It is no surprise to anyone living in or near Enoch, Utah that the community jumped into action when tragedy struck Wednesday January 4th.

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While on a welfare check to the Haight family home, police discovered a horrific scene. A heart ripping, gut wrenching tragedy that no one should have to endure, witness or process. The whole family had died from apparent gun shot wounds. It has now been ruled an apparent murder suicide by the father of the family. Crushing news. Please thank any and all first responders you know. They do the work most of us just couldn't do.

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Since then, neighbors, friends and community representatives and  members have mourned together and come together to help those connected to the tragedy.

There are many donations being taken, auctions being organized and a lot more will be done in the upcoming days. We will try to keep you updated on the things that are started and funded here locally that can do a lot of good.

It really is amazing to see so many people come together because we all know we need to.

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For now here are some of the ways you can help. I will try to keep it updated with new info.


These are the fundraisers and drawings we know of at this point for the Haight family.
Fine Iron Welder raffle:
Friends of the Iron County Sherriff webpage (link for Donations should be available tomorrow):
Olive Avenue VIP


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