In the wise, wise words of James Bond...

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James Bond is right. (giphy)

And Southern Utah is no different.


Nobody is 100% upfront and honest all the time.  Okay, well some people are, and those people can't function in society and usually die alone.

There's nothing wrong with holding your cards close to the chest, but every now and then you feel like letting those feelings out.

That's why we have the Mikey & The Mrs Show CONFESSION BOOTH.

We asked you, the listening audience to share with us your anonymous secrets in exchange for full absolution of your sins.  (it's okay, I have full authority to do this.  I became a minister on the internet for 20 bucks.)

So Brothers and Sisters, lets gather 'round and confess our sins before heaven and earth and feel the sweet redemption that only a full and honest confession to a stranger on the internet can provide.

Each of these confessions were 100% ANONYMOUS, so don't ask us for names.

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Don't ask us who gave us these confessions. (giphy)

Southern Utah Shares Their Secret Confessions

Here are the anonymous confessions of people in Southern Utah
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