Washington City Police Sergeant Brad Coleman never saw it coming.

The WCPD veteran went for a pleasure ride on his dirt bike Sunday afternoon, planning to meet up with some friends along the way. But Coleman's dream ride turned into a nightmare when the 41-year-old crashed into a slot canyon and injured himself seriously.

He laid injured in the ravine for nearly 20 hours before rescuers discovered him and eventually, using a rescue helicopter, were able to pull him out.

From a GoFundMe page setup for the Coleman family:

"Brad went to meet with some friends to dirt bike the popular Warner Valley area when Brad got lost and went missing from his group of friends.
Brad was supposed to be back home at 5 p.m. that evening. When his wife wasn't able to get ahold of him, she contacted the authorities to let them know one of their own never returned home.
Brad ended up in a terrible bike accident and was located by Search and Rescue helicopter separated from his bike in a ravine roughly 18 hours later. Lifeflight was able to rescue him and take him to the hospital where he will undergo treatment to repair his various injuries."
KUTV has the full video here, which shows rescuers finding Coleman (he had previously been discovered through drone reconnaissance) and eventually shows the rescue operation.
The footage also shows that Coleman was mere feet away from falling into a much bigger ravine/slot canyon that most likely would have taken his life.
Coleman, fortunately, was conscious and talking to rescuers despite his harrowing ordeal in the wilderness and authorities believe he will be able to make a full recovery.
Crews reportedly searched from Sunday night until 3:30 a.m. Monday morning and then returned to the area to continue the search just hours later around 7 a.m. Coleman was located at approximately 8:30 a.m. Monday morning.
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