After an extended break from the Twelve Apostles due to health issues, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is slowly returning .to his regular duties as an apostle to the relief of many members of the church.  

During the April 2023 General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many watchful members of the church noticed the absence of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife, Patricia Holland. It was announced later that Elder Holland was excused from General Conference due to complications with Covid-19 and a kidney condition of which he had begun Dialysis.  

Since then, Elder Holland took to social media to provide an update on his health, and it looks like good news is in store for those hoping for his safe return to duty. 

Holland said: “After having been away from Church assignments for several weeks due to some serious health challenges, I am pleased to begin slowly returning to work. Pat and I have been touched by the cards, notes, thoughts, and especially by the prayers you have offered in our behalf. Your sweet gestures during this demanding time have reminded us that God watches over us, that we can always trust in Him, and that He very often answers our prayers through other people.” 

For those excited by this news, it’s important to remember Elder Holland is 82 years old, and it may take longer than one would hope for Elder Holland to provide the invigorating speeches he is so well known for, both in General Conference, and in his day-to-day outings. 


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