KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 113


Statewide News – 12/13/23

Layton Man Sentenced to Life in Prison Following Murder Spree

A man in Layton who shot and killed his wife, in-laws, and three dogs has been sentenced to life-in-prison with no possibility for parole.

34-year-old Jeremy Bailey surrendered to the police following the chain of murders and admitted to planning the killings for days before the crime.

One of the victims reportedly contacted a therapist on the day of the murder due to concerns of Bailey’s threatening behavior.

Bailey pleaded guilty to the murders in October and was sentenced to life-in-prison on December 12.

Family in Midvale Faces Racial Harassment and Assault

A family in Midvale has reportedly been harassed for about a year by a woman in her 60’s that has been throwing racial slurs at the family along with an alleged count of assault and property damage.

The woman, Kathryn Smith, can be seen in the now viral TikTok mocking and allegedly poking and prodding the stomach of the pregnant mother filming the mother. Other clips show Smith displaying racist behavior toward the children of the family as well, causing the son of the family to fear for his safety.

Multiple warrants have been issued for Smith’s arrest, and multiple statements from Midvale officials have been released in support of the family while condemning the actions of Smith.


Southern Utah/St. George News – 12/13/23

Little Girl in Critical Condition Following Bathtub Incident

A five-year-old girl from Toquerville sadly drowned in a bathtub on December 11, prompting a swift response from local emergency crews to revive and transport the girl to St. George Regional Hospital.

The girl was then transported to Salt Lake City while in critical condition to receive further treatment.

The identity of the girl and her family has not been released, and we will provide updates on this tragic situation as the family releases them.


Our previous update had some misinformation regarding the status of the little girl. We will not provide any updates until we have completely accurate information. This wasn't just an issue here at Townsquare Media, it also led multiple other news outlets astray from the truth of the matter. We apologize, and vow to provide accurate updates to this story in the near future. Thank you.


Wreaths Across America Event at Tonaquint Cemetery

An event from Wreaths Across America meant to honor military veterans of the past is set to take place on December 16 starting at 10 a.m. at the Tonaquint Cemetery.

The event is meant to honor and teach about those who served in the armed forces along with the importance of freedom. The Color Country Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution will host the event.

You can find more details in our full article going deeper into the subject.

Crimson Cliffs Principal Promoted to New Position

The board of education and district administration from the Washington County School District has appointed Crimson Cliffs High School Principal Rusty Taylor as the new Executive Director of High Schools.

Taylor has served as a principal for the school district for over 16 years and has 26 years of experience as an educator and coach.

The soon-to-be executive director will begin his tenure on April 1, 2024.

New Interlocal Fire Agreement for Iron County

Cedar City officials are expected to approve a new interlocal fire protection agreement as soon as next week.

This new agreement would multiple fire departments share the cost of fire protection, which also includes property and equipment.

Cedar City’s city council will discuss the agreement at an upcoming meeting, and other departments such as Enoch’s have already given their approval.


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