KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 87 


Statewide News – 11/03/23 

Man Sentenced for 2018 Murder 

A man has sentenced for a 2018 fatal shooting that occurred in Randlett. 

The crime happened on the Uintah & Ouray Indian Reservation, where authorities said 28-year-old Brandon Redfoot shot at 24-year-old Julio Rodriguez 29 times. 

The victim died due to a gunshot wound to the head, and Redfoot was found guilty of second-degree murder along with various other charges. Redfoot will serve 45 years in prison, with the sentencing taking place on November 1. 

University of Utah Officers Implement “Remote Handcuff” Device 

Campus officers located at the University of Utah are now using a new device that restrains people who aren’t following police commands. 

The new device is called BolaWraps. The device fires straps that wrap around the suspect’s body from up to 25 ft away, and supposedly doesn’t harm the suspect in the process. 

The reason for the new upgrade is due to the U of U’s Department of Public Safety, and their reaction to Tyree Nichol’s recorded death from Memphis police officers. The BolaWraps have now completely replaced the traditional night stick on campus. 

Utah Jazz Unveil New Uniforms and Court 

Utah’s NBA team, the Utah Jazz, have unveiled their new city edition uniforms, and they have a new court to go along with the new look. 

The new uniforms use a a purple color scheme with a mountain range motif, similar to classic Utah Jazz uniforms you’d find in the 90’s. 

That purple color scheme is also brought to the new court, including parts of the hardwood flooring. The new floor will be showcased in the Jazz’s match with the Brooklyn Nets on December 18. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 11/03/23 

Ballots Mailed Out for Nov. 21 Election 

The voting process has now begun thanks to mail-in ballots arriving at the homes of Southern Utah residents. 

For St. George, residents will find three topics to be decided upon. The congressional election, the city council election, and the possible renewal of the G.O. Bond are all featured on the ballot. You can find more information on the Washington County Clerk’s Office website. 

We also have a full article about the purpose of the G.O. Bond if you’re curious about the contents and purpose of the renewal. 

Update on Police Chase in St. George 

We now have more details on the police chase that occurred on Halloween in Arizona, speeding through St. George in the process. 

The suspect involved in the chase had a felony warrant for his arrest from the state of Wisconsin and was reportedly camping in Arizona when the chase began. 

The unidentified suspect was captured following the chase and was turned over to the Bureau of Land Management. 

5 Southern Utah Towns Ranked Among the Best 

A new list of favorite U.S. small towns has been published by World Atlas, and five Southern Utah towns have been named some of the best. 

The small towns named as great include St. George, Cedar City, Springdale, Kanab, and Moab. 

The interesting development that’s come from this article is a debate surrounding what qualifies as a “small town,” since St. George has been growing at an exponential rate. 

PSA: Daylight Savings Change on November 5

Remember to set your clocks back one hour when you go to sleep on November 4 due to daylight savings time changes. If you don't use a manual clock, then you're good. Enjoy your extra hour of sleep.


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton never thought he would be a writer. He actually despised language arts classes in high school. So much so, he wrote an essay about how useless the skills taught in class were. It wasn’t until he started writing for a sketch comedy radio show at Southern Utah University that he started to finally understand. Kind of ironic, huh? 

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