Let me paint you a picture. You just made it home after a long day at work, and you're absolutely exhausted. You want to take a nap, but you decide to push through and make the most of your day. Finally, your desired bedtime approaches like a loved relative you haven’t seen in ages. You get into bed, bundle up, and.....you can’t sleep. 

When that time comes, it may be wise to try some tried and true techniques to help yourself catch some Z’s. 


This definitely seems like a go to for a lot of people when they can’t go to sleep, but what you may not know is that it’s recommended to take your melatonin about two hours before your desired bedtime. Think of it more as a pre-planned method, rather than an emergency method. 

Turn on the AC 

If you don’t want to take a pill or warm milk (another source of melatonin), try turning on your air conditioner to make it more chill in your room. While we do tend to bundle up in bed, studies show that a colder room allows for a better, more effective method of sleep. 

Download a Sleep Help App 

Instead of staring at your smartphone in bed, which doesn’t help you get sleep, take advantage of some of the sleep apps, like better sleep, which are specialized with helping you fall asleep naturally through methods like guided meditation, relaxing soundscapes and even podcast-like stories that are catered to helping you get your sleep. 

Nothing is more annoying than getting little to no sleep, but we’re in the modern era people! That means you have countless resources at the palm of your hand to help you with problems like sleep depravedness. Happy sheep counting! 


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