In the past few days, the St. George Police Department has received information from several people about a protest that has been planned this evening, August 29, in St. George.

We appreciate the community and their desire to keep us informed of these types of activities. Keep in mind there seem to be a lot of unsubstantiated rumors and speculation surrounding this event.

During these kinds of demonstrations, we are committed to the safety of everyone. We also want to make sure people can freely exercise their constitutional rights.

We have seen in other communities around the country where these demonstrations have gone from peaceful protests to violence and riots. We worry about the safety of those in attendance, including our officers.

As a police department, we are fortunate to have such a supportive community. We ask that if you choose to participate in these protests that you attend with a peaceful attitude. Please consider how your actions might be perceived by others and if those actions are supporting positive communication and understanding.

If you are traveling through the city after 6 pm tonight, we encourage you to avoid St. George Blvd and use alternate routes such as Red Hills Parkway, 700 South, or Riverside Drive.

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