People go missing all the time, whether they remove themselves from society, relocate to escape a bad situation, or (sadly) choose to take their own lives.

But in almost all cases, some evidence of what happened to the person eventually emerges.

One high profile case in Southern Utah is the case of Macin Smith, the teenager who disappeared 8 1/2 years ago and has yet to be found.

Another perplexing case happened just last week when Tyler Irvine (and his car) seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth.

The original story was this:

St. George police are on the lookout for a missing man in Southern Utah who was last seen on March 28 driving a 2012 blue Chevy Cruze.  

Tyler Craig Irvine, 36, who was last seen driving his Chevy, lives in the Green Valley area, and has a reported history of mental health issues. Irvine’s mother shared information about her son in a Facebook post. 

Irvine was last seen wearing a black T-shirt and black skinny jeans. He stands at 6-feet 1-inches, weighs somewhere between 150 to 160 pounds, and has brown hair with blue/green eyes. Anyone with information should call police dispatch at 435-627-4300.

Maybe something bad has happened to Irvine, but we would have at least found his car, right?

Here's the latest on the search for Irvine:

"We have exhausted so many resources & are hitting a wall. We had 4 days straight of aerial searching but limited ground searches. We have covered a lot of ground but as you all know there’s so much out there it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

"At this point my husband and I will be out all day Saturday & Sunday with some family searching very closely the areas and roads in the pictures. We are looking specifically for his car -- 2012 blue Chevy Cruze, looking over edges, cliffs, tucked away in trees or maybe between rocks/boulders. If any of you are going out or near these areas please keep your eyes out for any little thing.

"If you know, or have a plan on where you are going or have already looked in a certain area please post on this thread so we can all cover more ground. The reception is really bad up there so I will probably be hard to get a hold of but I will check in the morning and the end of each day. We posted over 500 flyers some have been taken down, but some are still posted around town if you need one, or would like a few to have on hand, private message me and I can figure out how to get them to you. We are blown away by all of the love and support we have been feeling from this community from the prayers to the willingness to help. It is greatly appreciated by all of us for those of you following the story- everywhere you go just keep your eye out for that car, even if you’re not sure if that’s it, call the number and report it so it can be checked out by an officer. Please help continue to share the posts and information!"

Tyler's mom also posted this online:

"We are still searching for for my son Tyler Irvine. Today is the 9th day. It seems so unreal. I keep thinking he will walk in our house and say WTH MOM what's going on?! But still not one little bread crumb of where he or his car could be. He hasn't used his phone, debit card, email or social media. Please keep praying and sharing about Tyler."

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