Southern Utah Sunrise Stories: Volume 2 


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Statewide News – 6/29/23 

Special Congressional Election Update 

Celeste Maloy will stay on as the Republican nominee for the special congressional election to replace Chris Stewart. This comes after criticism was thrown toward Maloy regarding her place of residency and her failure to vote during recent elections. One of Maloy’s points made during the debates for the seat has to do with her being a Southern Utah resident, but it’s unclear how long she’s been a resident of Southern Utah. 

On the other side of the election, Utah State Senator Kathleen Riebe will represent the Democratic Party at the special election. She’s currently serving as the minority whip. Riebe received the most votes at a ranked-choice elections from Utah Democrats. 

The primaries will take place September 5 with the general election scheduled for November 21. 


Milford Workers Getting Raise After Walkout 

City workers in Milford, which is an hour north of Cedar City, walked out in protest on June 27 over a dispute with the Mayor of Milford, Nolan Davis, as well as the city council of Milford.  

This caused the city office to close on June 28, but the city workers are already back at work thanks to a pay raise of three to five dollars an hour and will be paid overtime for work over 40 hours a week. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 6/29/23 

City of St. George Will Not Appeal Against Drag Show 

After a federal judge intervened with the denial of a permit for an all-ages drag show at a public park in St. George saying it goes against The First Amendment, The City of St. George mentioned the possibility of an appeal against the decision.  

A week has now passed, and the city has announced that it will not appeal after all. 

This means the drag show will happen for sure on June 30 at The Dixie Sun Bowl. 

Firework Safety Concerns 

The St. George Police Department took to social media to remind the public about the regulations regarding fireworks for Independence Day and Pioneer Day. 

Fireworks are only allowed for use from July 2 to July 5 for Independence Day, and July 22 to July 25 for Pioneer Day. 

The SGPD also released a flyer with the headings of Be Prepared, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be Aware in regard to firework safety. 

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