Career Tech High School is happening, and soon.

The new vocational-centered school, which will officially open its doors to students next month, is open to all (grades 9-12) living in Washington County. Located off Exit 3 (at the intersection of River Road and White Dome Dr.  approximately one block north of Exit 3 on the Southern Parkway), the school will begin with around 500 students.

Steve Dunham, spokesman for the Washington County School District, said the school will serve its main purpose of preparing its students for real-world jobs and vocations, but will also help ease overcrowding in other local high schools.

The new school will feature former highly-successful Hurricane football coach Chris Homer as its principal. The school will teach the basics of education like language arts, mathematics, science and history, but will also focus on "career pathways."

Students will choose pathways from the following areas:

  1. Business, Finance, Entrepeneurship
  2. Construction and Architecture
  3. Culinary Arts, Tourism and Hospitality
  4. Engineering, Technology and Robotics
  5. Early Childhood Ed and Teaching as a Profession
  6. Graphic Design and Digital Media
  7. Health Sciences
  8. Information Technology and Cyber Security

According to the new school's website, "Due to the limited amount of physical space in the building and to keep a balanced course enrollment at the school, there will be a limit to the number of students that can be accepted into each pathway.   Because students will be applying to individual pathways, there may be greater competition for acceptance into some pathways than others."

The school will not offer traditional high school extra-curricular activities (like band, sports, debate, drama, etc.)

Also, "CTHS will follow a A/B block schedule with 4 periods each day. However, CTHS will have earlier start and release times than other district high schools. This is to accommodate students who participate in extracurricular activities at their boundary schools or who have employment opportunities after school."

Homer, the new principal, penned a letter to parents of  CTHS students:

"We know questions will come up as we get closer to the first day of school. Please email me or Mr. Bench if you have questions or concerns. As much as we hope to be a “well oiled machine" we know that we will make mistakes and there will be growing pains - Please be patient with us as we figure everything out. We are so excited to embark on this new and amazing adventure."

Other inquiries may be directed to CTHS administrators.
Principal:  Chris Homer
Assistant:  Brad Bench


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