BYU has announced it will be offering a special edition of its pastry treat the "CougarTail" this Saturday at the Homecoming game vs. Texas Tech at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo.

For those unfamiliar with the "CougarTail," it has made national news for being a unique treat offered only at BYU sporting events. It's basically a giant maple bar served in a large CougarTail brown bag, with a cardboard carton for support.

Last year, BYU offered a chocolate version of the CougarTail at the home football game against Arkansas and while thousands of the decadent desserts were sold at the game, it didn't help the BYU Cougars on the field. They lost that game 52-35.

So, perhaps because of the loss, this year the BYU Food Services department decided to go a different way.

At Saturday's game the concession stand will be stocked with literally thousands of CougarTails with the trademark maple frosting, but with a twist. The CougarTail will have bacon on top.

BYU Dining (@byudining) Tweeted (or X'ed) out this message today:

Introducing the BACON COVERED COUGARTAIL, only available at the Homecoming, Texas Tech BYU football game on October 21. Only a limited amount will be made so click the link in our bio to pre-order your own Big 12 Box of 4 or 8 CougarTails today.

While most fans have tried the CougarTail at BYU home games, it's uncertain whether the bacon-topped dessert will be a hit.

Also, it's difficult to believe that fans will order boxes of four or even eight of the high-caloried treat.

A CougarTail without the bacon checks in at about 2,200 calories.

Still, at least one fan is salivating over the prospect.

"This sounds like a game-changer! I can't wait to savor the Bacon Covered Cougartail! This unique blend of flavors definitely matches the gameday excitement on the field! Who else is ready for this epic treat?" -- Joey Braxton on X.

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