St. George has a totally women ran and owned pet store and its fairly new! 

If you haven’t had the chance to stop by Whisker & Bone on Tabernacle, it’s a must-visit for any local pet owner. The walls are brightly colored, and hand painted and drawn by a local artist. There is so much to see and so many treat options for your furry friend.  


Whisker & Bone is owned by local pet nutritionist and dog lover Samm Albright. She has a passion for dogs and pet care, but the place is about more than that. 

“Women need places where they feel like they can thrive and thriving to me means feeling safe, feeling loved, feeling happy, feeling connected,” Albright said. “Like you're part of it and I think everywhere you look here like our groomers, our women, have been making a career out of that for a combined 25 years. Amiyo with her bakery, like she is absolutely phenomenal. She's like 23 years old and just doing amazing things.” 


That’s right! There’s a dog bakery IN HOUSE! Whisker & Bone is home to Doggy Bakes, a bakery dedicated to dogs. You can grab churros, cookies (frosted or not), hot pockets, and more at Doggy Bakes.  


Some other services Whisker & Bone offers are grooming with super-patient groomers and self-wash dog rooms. The self-wash dog rooms are fully stocked with supplies and allow you to focus on the wash and not other customers.  

There are WAY too many brands, treats, and toys to go through in total but just know there are plenty of options. Albright makes sure all of her products are up to snuff and she makes sure ALL of her employees are nutritionally certified.  


“I feel like at the end of the day, I really care about what comes in and what goes out. So, like, you could choose any treat, toy, any kind of food, literally pick a bag in the store and I can tell you the ingredients on the back; where they're sourced from, who the manufacturer is, like I've probably spoken to the owner at least once or the founder,” Albright said.  

This is the perfect place for dog owners who are extremely picky about their food and treats. There are also some fun options like interactive games and dog DNA kits available.  

Plus, you will never feel uncomfortable in the shop and will have great resources available.  


“A good Ol’ Boys Town always needs a women-led businesses, Albright said. “It doesn't have to be young it can be any of any age, but women run who can really just say, ‘I'm here, I'm not going to be quiet. I'm not going to just sit by the side while all of the big boxes and the big old boys come in and take over everything like I'm here too and I'm going to have a voice’”.

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