KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 227 


Statewide News – 06/12/24 

Cox and Lyman Take Part in Utah Governor Debate 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox and candidate Phil Lyman participated in a debate at the University of Utah on June 11 with some topics including accountability, concerns over sports in Utah like the new NHL team and the possible Salt Lake City 2034 Winter Olympic Games. 

Despite earning most of the vote at the GOP Convention, Lyman is reportedly behind in the polls against Cox. 

The primary election will take place June 25. If you’re voting via mail-in ballot, then you’ll need to have it postmarked by the evening of June 24. 

State Officials Prepare for Execution of Utah Killer 

Officials from the Utah Department of Corrections are preparing for the execution of convicted killer Taberon Dave Honie on August 8. 

Honie will be executed by lethal injection, which is a combination of ketamine, fentanyl, and potassium chloride. 

The last execution in Utah was in 2010 when Ronnie Lee Gardner was put to death. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 06/12/24 

Fire Fighters Extinguish Potentially Disastrous Brush Fire in Cedar City 

Fire workers extinguished a small brush fire that could have been far worse if it wasn’t for the swift response.  

The fire was reportedly caused by humans, but the actual fire starter hasn’t been identified at the time of writing.  

Officials with the local fire department said the fire would have been much worse if it spread toward the Diamond Z Arena. 

Star Search Talent Show Audition Tomorrow in St. George 

The Star Search Talent Show auditions will take place in St. George on June 13 as Independence Day approaches. 

Auditions will take place at the St. George Recreation Center from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. the finalists for the talent show will be announced on June 24. 

The Star Search Talent Show is part of the 4th of July celebration in St. George which also includes a parade, the Uncle Sam 4K, and a three-day carnival. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton has a bad case of the flu. If you were wondering where Sunrise Stories was at yesterday, now you know why. This stomach bug has been pushing its way through Stockton’s family, and unfortunately, it was bound to make its way to him eventually. Hopefully Stockton’s back to full working capacity by tomorrow. 

Happy Wednesday! 

St. George Welcomes New Sculptures

The Art Around The Corner Foundation brought more than 30 sculptures to the St. George landscape this April.

Gallery Credit: Elle Cabrera

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