KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 235 


Statewide News – 06/24/24 

Over 20 Arrested During Jordan River Drug Bust 

Authorities in Salt Lake City have arrested 20 people along the Jordan River Trail in the past month while seizing hundreds of drugs and more than $2,000 in cash. 

A press release from the Salt Lake City Police Department said, “The overall objective of this operation was to identify, locate, and arrest drug dealers, traffickers, and buyers along the Jordan River Trail.” 

This isn’t the first operation to result in many arrests along the Jordan River, as another operation in May resulted in over 30 people being arrested. April saw 28 people arrested along the river trail with over 2,000 fentanyl pills seized. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 06/24/24 

Washington Double Homicide Suspect Won’t Receive Death Penalty 

Mia Bailey, 28, the suspect who reportedly killed her parents, Gail and Joseph Bailey, in a double homicide in Washington City on June 18, will not receive the death penalty. 

Washington County Attorney Eric Clarke said in a press release, “After a careful review of the alleged fact involved, the office is not seeking the death penalty in this tragic case. 

Clarke has filed nine first-degree felonies and one third-degree felony against Bailey. A GoFundMe page has been established by the Bailey family to raise funeral costs for Gail and Joseph Bailey. 

Little Twist Fire Burns Almost 2,400 Acres...Still 10% Contained 

Those hoping for good news with the Little Twist Fire in Beaver County may be disappointed as the wildfire has now grown to about 2,400 acres at 10% containment. 

According to Utah Fire Info, the Little Twist Fire continues to burn as the weather continues to be an issue for the over 200 fire fighters working to extinguish the flames. 

Utah Fire Info officials are also warning residents throughout Southern Utah about the smoky conditions in the coming weeks as the prescribed burn turned flourishing wildfire continues to thrive. 

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Issued to Most of Southern Utah 

As of June 21, most Southern Utah is now under a Stage 1 Fire Restriction due to the large amounts of dry weather and wildfire fuel throughout the region. 

Captain Tyler Ames from the Hurricane Valley Fire District told our news partners at ABC4 Utah about the restrictions set in place for residents of Southern Utah. 

Things such as open campfires, fireworks, and firing explosive ammunition are restricted until the conditions are more favorable for such activities. Ames recommends parking away from dry brush, and don’t even think about any burning of weeds until your local authorities give you permission. 

Today is Last Day to Mail in Ballots for Tomorrow’s Primary Election 

Today is the last day to mail in your ballots through the U.S. Postal Service as tomorrow is the 2024 Utah Primary Election. 

If you plan to cast your vote via the mail-in ballot for the governor, senate, congressional, and other state elections, then get voting and get that ballot in the mail ASAP.  

If you would like to drop your ballot off in one of the many drop boxes in Washington County, then you can do so until 8 p.m. on June 25. You can find drop boxes at the St. George, Santa Clara, Washington City, and Hurricane Branch Libraries. You can also find a drop box at the Washington County Administration building in St. George at 111 E. Tabernacle. 


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