Utah is a great place to have a dog.

In a recent study by Ourfitpets.com, the Beehive State came in No. 7 out of the 50 states among best states to be a dog owner.

Ourfitpets used a number of key metrics to determine whether a state is pet-friendly or not. Metrics that were considered included access to parks and nature, dog-friendly rentals, access to veterinarians, the number of dog sitters, and the state’s crime rates.

Each state received a score based on how dog-friendly they were considered. These scores were then tallied to create a leader board.

Utah received high marks for access to parks and nature, dog-friendly rentals and dog-walking safety. Our state didn't do as well in availability of veterinarians and availability of dog-sitters, but the overall score of 30.22 was high enough to earn Utah a spot at No. 7 in the nation.

Vermont, Colorado and Wyoming, three very snowy states, took the top three spots with point totals of 39.04, 37.98 and 37.59, respectively.

Also in the top 10: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho Maine and Arizona.

Delaware and Louisiana were rated the worst states for dogs.

Here's the full list:

While Utah ranked very well in states that are dog-friendly, the Beehive State finished just 17th among the states in another study by ourfitpets.com, one that rated states that were the most dog-loving.

The analysis took several categories into account, including certain online dog-related searches, how many residents own a dog, the number of dog parks, and the amount of dog-friendly rentals in the state.

The study found just over 36-percent of Utahns own a dog. In case you were wondering, neighbor Colorado was rated number one on that list.

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