With many residents struggling to pay rent in Utah, some can’t help but wonder what the other side of the river looks like. I’m of course referring to the richest cities throughout the state, but what dictates a rich city?

According to a report from Property Club, median household income is the biggest factor when deciding which city has more cheddar than the other.

With this in mind, Property Club ranked the richest cities throughout the beehive state, and St. George, Cedar City, Salt Lake City, and Provo didn’t make a dent compared to the city on top.

Let’s jump in.

#3. Park City

To my surprise, Park City is not on the top but made into the top 3. Park City is what most Americans think of when it comes to Winter in Utah. Ski resorts, the Rocky Mountains, and a whole bunch of growing communities are what draw so many visitors.

It’s not just the visitors though, a stereotype in Utah is if someone is rich, they tend to live in Park City. While it’s mostly a joke, the median household income for Park City in 2023 was about $122,000. For comparison, the median household income for St. George in 2023 was about $70,000.

#2. Alpine

Here’s where another factor comes into play when it comes to ranking rich cities. Population can play a big part in median household income, so if a population is small enough with a high household income, it can shoot into the stratosphere. Case and point, Alpine.

While Alpine has a population of just over 10,000, the median household income for the area is about $138,000 for 2023. The city of Alpine is small, but it has a variety of luxurious homes that take advantage of the lush mountain scenery.

Writer’s Note: I actually went on a trip to Alpine as a part of a youth group. We stayed in a very spacious cabin that the owner was renting out to groups like ours for a reasonable price. I’m not joking when I say it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

#1. Highland

Imagine a slightly larger population than Alpine, increase the household income by significant amount, and you’ve got yourself the richest city in Utah. Highland has a population of about 20,000 and has a median household income of $156,000 in 2023.

According to Property Club’s ranking, a swath of outdoor recreational activities combined with well-received schools and high-class neighborhoods are what draw wealthy families to Utah.

If you’d like to learn more, Property Club’s ranking also covers the other entries in the Top 10 richest cities in Utah.


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