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The Liquid That Will Save Your Life 

We all have a pension for drinking things that aren’t the best for us whether that be soda, coffee, or booze. This liquid, however, is essential and it's possible we should be drinking more of it to lengthen life and quality of life.  


St. George Theatre Teacher Makes Generational Impact 

Theatre is huge in St. George and one thing that makes any learning experience special is the teacher. This one goes by “sir” and though he’s now retired, his impact on the community is lasting.  


BBQ For Veterans 

A local BBQ joint in Parowan will be hosting a fundraising event for Veteran’s Day this year in conjunction with Chapter 49-4 of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.  


Most Popular Jell-O Flavor...Is It Green? 

Utahns love Jell-O and it’s a staple of the state. In fact, Utah buys over the national average every year. Green Jell-O is specific to Utah as a favorite, but it is not the most beloved flavor. Find out what it is here: 


Utah Cows Being Tracked by Government? 

The USDA is proposing a program to track Utah cows for disease monitoring. A similar program is in Ireland however some issues have come to light with it impacting the farmers and the herds.  


Cedar City Hosts Birthday Party 2023 

Cedar City will be hosting a celebration for its 172nd birthday from Nov.9 through Nov. 12 including a scavenger hunt and birthday cake for the public. Learn more here: 



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