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Farmstead Bakery Expands 

The beloved local bakery Farmstead is expanding with a warehouse in Leeds, which will provide more employment opportunities and expand the business. If for some crazy reason, you have not been yet, now is a great time to go check out the great location in downtown St. George.  


Zion National Park Switches to Online Reservations 

Zion National Park is implementing a new online program for reserving camping spots and other wilderness permits starting in early 2024. Learn more about the new online permits here: 


Utah Town Named Among the Most Christmassy in U.S. 

Lots of the time when you think of Christmas you may be imagining New York or some small town in Pennsylvania thanks to Hallmark movies. However, a new study showed that a small town in Utah is actually on the list of most Christmassy towns. You will never guess which one it is.  


Utah Christmas Traditions You Wish Were Gone 

The holidays are a mix of great traditions and ones we wish didn’t exist. Utah follows some normal ones like Elf on the Shelf and then some...not so normal ones. Does your family do these? 


Items the DI Won’t Take 

This is the time of year for giving but it's also the time to clean things up around the house and prepare for the new year. Many of you may already be looking at what you can hand over to the DI but there are some things that you can’t donate. Here is a full list. 


The Most Expensive Places to Take Your In-laws to Eat in Utah 

Cooking during the holiday season can be a hassle and taking your in-laws to Denny’s is probably a no-go. If you’re trying to impress them this year, here are a few places you can consider spending a LOT of money on a few meals.  


Christmas Tree Designs Trending in 2023

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