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All the news you missed this week! 


Snow Comes to Utah 

This weekend could bring snow across Northern Utah and in Cedar City. St. George is unlikely to see any of it though. Here is the forecast: 


Mashed or Funeral? 

Every year Utahns gather for a lovely Thanksgiving but have the same dilemma...do they serve mashed potatoes or funeral potatoes?  


New Covid Variant 

As it's been since the pandemic, a new Covid variant has come just in time for the holidays. This one is known as HV.1 and is the great-great-grandchild of Omicron. Here is what you need to know: 


Fall Decorations to Impress 

Utah loves natural Fall décor. Whether its scents, cute decorations, or making use of old Halloween candy, these are some hacks you’ll love. 


Best Way to Cook a Turkey in Utah 

There are a ton of ways to enjoy your Thanksgiving Turkey and as to how is always up for debate. Here is how Utah likes Turkey cooked: 


USPS on Edge this Holiday Season 

Getting packages and delivering them during the holidays can be an absolute nightmare but not for the reasons you might think. 


Navajo Artwear Brand Gives Back 

The brand 4Kinship is making a difference with it’s upcycled products. It's small batches and has even been endorsed on national news with Tony Hawk. Learn more here: 


Thanksgiving Wars 

There is always some uncle or sister who is trying to start something during Thanksgiving. This year, if you’re looking for a more creative argument to start there are three that will really anger your relatives.  



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