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Everything you missed this week in one place. 


Why You Should Visit Arches 

Utah is filled with many great National Parks, but Arches might be the most underrated. KDXU’s Andy Griffin had a chance to visit last weekend and had only good things to say.  


Learn About Jazz 

The St. George Jazz Festival is coming up and it’s an event you won’t want to miss. There will be a great performance as well as a class taught by John Daversa. To learn more: 


Utah Ranks High in Halloween 

Halloween is just around the corner and Utah has made itself one of the top states to decorate but it also has a lot of other Halloween spirit...literally. Utah might not seem like it but the state boasts a lot of good scare places.  


Movies to Get You into the Halloween Mood 

Speaking of Halloween, it's easy to let the spirit of the holiday pass you by but there is an easy trick that helps; movies. Yes, go watch some movies and no they don’t need to be horror. Writer John Hiatt has some great suggestions for family-friendly movies to put on in the background to get into the Halloween mood.  


Why is Everyone Moving to Utah? 

The state has its good points, and the scenery is just a bonus. People from all over flock to the beehive state. Here are a few reasons why: 


Utah Halloween Costumes 

Utah is known for many things, including its LDS population, its nickname, and its love for Jell-o. Somehow, these can be made into costumes and DJ Tischner figured it out.  


Utah Funko Pop 

Funko Pop is one of the popular collectibles and it’s a shame Utah doesn’t have one. However, after asking Southern Utah what they thought a Utah Funko Pop would look like, we now have some solid ideas. 


Quilt Barns in Utah? 

Quilt barns have a rich history dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. Today, they have a different meaning but it’s just as cool (and sweet) plus you can see them in Utah. Learn more here: 


Fantasy Football Athletes from Utah YOU Need 

Fantasy Football is always wild and sometimes your luck runs out. How do these former Utah athletes compete in your lineup? Should you add them to your team? 


Utah’s Favorite Celebrity is Leaving  

Utah has a favorite celebrity, and he has brought great music and even new restaurant chains to the state. Unfortunately, he’s leaving to expand his horizons. Find out who it is here: 


Massage Therapist in Cedar Arrested 

A local Massage Therapist in Cedar City was arrested on charges of inappropriately touching women.  


Utah’s Two Ribbon Schools 

Milford Elementary is one of the two Utah schools that received the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award from the U.S. Department of Education in 2023. Southern Utah can now boast its new status. Learn more here:  



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