There's a phenomenon happening in Southern Utah and Jeep owners in the area are scrambling to measure up.

The trendsetter is Danielle Thornock, whose Jeep is all decked out for Halloween.

"I really love the spooky season!" she posted on Facebook. "Wait til you see what we do for Christmas. But thank you again so much for appreciating my weirdness and love for holidays!!! We love seeing everyone enjoy it as much as I do!!!"

Thornock's Jeep was featured on a post by Nick Peterson in which he put up several pictures with the caption: "Went to Lowes today and saw these amazing decorations on this Jeep! Whoever owns this Jeep, my hat goes off to you! That is the best thing I've ever freaking seen!! So creative! You need an award for the best decorated vehicle in Southern Utah!!"

After the pix and post, dozens of other social media commenters complimented the Jeep getup, "I saw this the other week and it made me so freaking happy!! Thank you to the owner of this Jeep for making me happy and being creative!," said Liz Knight.

"My kids and I loved seeing your jeep last week! Coolest thing ever. It was so fun! Thank you," said Lexie Draper.

And Brandon Holt posted "That's really cool. I've seen it around and they keep adding to it! The really cool thing is that we still live a wonderful area that people can have this stuff on their vehicle's and no one touches them! Love St. George."

Other Jeep owners have taken up the charge, including this one:


There will likely be plenty of other Jeeped-up vehicles as Halloween hits Tuesday.

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