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Everything you missed this week in one place. 


The Thompson Fire 

The Thompson Fire just outside of Beaver is still going strong. It's burned over 7,000 acres and is still at zero percent containment. There are six crews and a total of 199 people working to get the fire under control. Learn more here: 


A Mother’s Worst Nightmare Comes True in St. George 

Zzkora Ringger, a resident of Southern Utah, had her child taken from her in July after suspected Baby Shaking Syndrome. Now, Ringger wants to share her story. 


Biden in Utah 

President Joe Biden had an interesting week while making his rounds in Utah. The locals are not a fan of the new national monument Biden designated near the Grand Canyon. Read the full story here: 


Southern Utah's BEST Burgers 

Cat Country's Aaronee went on a burger tour around Southern Utah based on recommendations from listeners. It's pretty obvious Southern Utah has some FANTASTIC burger joint options. See what the top-rated burger places are! 


Kate's Banana Bread 

If you’re a member of the St. George Word of Mouth Facebook page, you’ve probably heard about Kate. She is blowing up in St. George for the delicious banana bread she sells in different places around town. Townsquare’s food review expert DJ tried it out.  


Southern Utah Record Stores 

Aug. 12 marks National Vinyl Record Day and for music lovers, it’s the perfect day to check out your local businesses. In Southern Utah, there are two great, locally run shops you can check out this Saturday. Read more here: 




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