The ongoing pandemic has been the culprit of so many events being cancelled or changed to other times, but in the case of the Washington County fair it has nothing to do with Covid -19.

Dean Cox, Washington County Commissioner was on the Andy Griffin show last week and discussed what’s going on with the Washington county fair this year.

Andy asked Cox if the rumors were true that the fair will be held in the spring.  Cox confirmed that the rumors are true and explained why.

Commissioner Dean Cox on the Andy Griffin show

Cox responded to Andy’s question about how the issue of the lack of grown vegetables and animals  will affect the fair since it will be in the spring now.

Commissioner Dean Cox on the Andy Griffin show

The Washington County fair will now be held April 14th to the 17th this year.  The fair has a new carnival company, there will be a kickoff party and a parade that KDXU will most likely be a part of.  And all the usual fun things we love about County fairs. 

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