Did you get the chance to get out to the Washington County Fair?

Judging by the crowds and full parking lots, I'm going to say yes, you did get that chance.

One of the things I failed to mention in my article on Friday was that the amazing talent of the residents of our great county is absolutely astounding. Some of the homemade foods, art pieces and knick-knacks blew me away, not to mention the clothing, furniture pieces, wall hangings and myriad other hand-crafted items.

The live performances from local bands, dance companies and even skateboard enthusiasts (they had a half-pipe there and pros giving lessons to future skaters) added a feeling of fun and community.

Saturday I got to hang out at the food pavilion near the Grafton Stage and take in some of the Steven Halliday Band. I swear, these guys are more Steely Dan than Steely Dan is, and the fact that they had a guy tearing it up on the saxophone only enhanced the experience for me.

Of course, the fair food was, well, fair food. Some of it was amazing (a pina colada slushy served in a hollowed out pineapple!) and some of it was just OK, but almost all of it was stuff you can't and won't find everyday on the streets of Washington County.

Below is a photo gallery from the fair. Look for your picture. If you are one of the first five people who recognizes their own picture in this gallery and contacts me (text only) at 435-467-5842 you win a KDXU moisture-wicking shirt and a Large Pizza Hut pizza.

Washington County Fair 2023

Sights and scenes from this year's Washington County Fair

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