As far as the Republican Party is concerned, at least three of the races in the upcoming primary election should be no-brainers.

"The Washington County Republican Party would like to encourage Republicans in Washington County to vote for candidates that won at the State Republican Convention," was the note sent out by Washington County Republican Party media liaison Kimball Willard.

At the State Convention, there were three winners. Phil Lyman won in his race for the Governor of Utah. Trent Staggs won in his race for Utah Senator representing Utah. Joann Brinton won in her race for State School Board District 15.

"The candidates that won at the State Convention have been vetted by the precinct delegates (individuals elected by each neighborhood to research each of the candidates).

"Other candidates appearing on the primary ballot secured their positions by gathering signatures (in many cases paying to have the signatures collected).

"In many cases, these candidates will be accountable to the financial backers of their campaigns, rather than to the citizens as a whole."

There are also several other races where candidates did not meet the threshold to win at convention (whether the State Convention or the County Convention).

In these instances, the party recommends Republicans research the candidates, as well as reaching out to the precinct delegates, who have already done quite a bit of research on each candidate.

Mail-in ballots have already been sent out and must be postmarked by Jun. 24 if they are to be mailed back in. Voters can also drop ballots off at the following locations:

  • Hurricane City Branch Library — Drive Up
    36 S 300 W
    Hurricane UT 84737
    (Google Maps)
  • Santa Clara Branch Library — Drive Up
    1099 Lava Flow Dr.
    St George UT 84770
    (Google Maps)
  • St. George City Branch Library — Drive Up
    88 W 100 S
    St George UT 84770
    (Google Maps)
  • Washington City Branch Library — Walk up, located next to book drop
    220 N 300 E
    Washington UT 84780
    (Google Maps)
  • Washington County Administration Building — Walk Up (new building, north side of building), no longer a silver box, now attached to building
    111 E Tabernacle
    St George UT 84770

Please be advised that in compliance with UCA 20A-5-403.5, the Washington County Official Ballot Drop Boxes will be open 24 hours a day. Municipal Drop Boxes are open during normal business hours. No ballots will be accepted after 8pm on June 25, 2024.

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