Utah is at it again, suing TikTok and protecting children from social media hell. 

What does that even mean? 

Well, Utah Governor Spencer Cox said it's due to the addictive and unhealthy habits social media creates on Tuesday. The lawsuit by the state also said that the company “misrepresents the app's safety and deceptively portrays it as independent of its Chinese parent company,” an AP article states.  

However, couldn’t the safety and addictive parts be applied to ALL social media? 

The answer is yes. Instagram, Snapchat, Meta, X, and many more apps all have some sort of addictive and unsafe content. So why is Utah attacking TikTok? 

TikTok designed and employs algorithm features that spoon-feed kids endless, highly curated content from which our children struggle to disengage. TikTok designed these features to mimic a cruel slot machine that hooks kids’ attention and does not let them go,” Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said at the news conference. 

I think this is absolutely unfair. You should know that my view is biased as an active TikToker who uses the app for cosplay.  

In a better argument, there are several Utahns who are big-time TikTokers who make money off the app. The content ranges from comedy, lifestyle, family, beauty and more. The money is and could be considered a job. For many, it is.  

Here is a full list of TikTokers and their income from the app on UT. 

The state is not made up of children, and many who use it are adults. I get the need to restrict access as best you can however, the app is a lifeline for many, and a creative outlet too.  

So, should Utah really be suing TikTok over something that is now just a part of life? It used to be that television, radio, and video games were the enemy, now it’s TikTok. 



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