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Jimmie Hughes, Gregg McArthur, Bette Arial, Ed Baca, Dannielle Larkin and Greg Aldred are running for the three open St. George City council seats on November 5th.

All six candidates were asked the same questions and given the same amount of time to answer.

The questions were:

  1. Do you support construction of the Lake Powell Pipeline?
  2. Would you support the building of new roads and infrastructure to keep up with the increasing demand of growth, even though it may mean a tax increase?
  3. Please describe your vision for the ideal development of land and other community resources for St. George City.
  4. Has the recycling program for St. George outlived its usefulness?
  5. Short-term rentals (nightly/weekly) have become a hot-button issue. How should St. George handle it?
  6. What is St. George’s most pressing issue right now?

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