Two people are in jail after a traffic stop yielded a kilo of cocaine inside a car with two small children.

Documents state 36-year-old Braulio Arrendondo-Bojorquez and Crispina Gamez-Camargo, 38, both of Bakersfield, California, were booked into the Washington County Jail on Saturday and are facing one count second-degree felony drug distribution.

The man and his wife were pulled over because the trooper said he was following too close to other vehicles.

Arrendondo-Bojorquez told the trooper he did not understand English but through the help of the two children, ages 6 and 8, was able to tell the trooper his license was suspended from a prior DUI.

Arrendondo-Bojorquez said the family was traveling to his wife’s aunt’s funeral but could not give the trooper any specifics of where it was being held and did not know the name of the family member who died.

The trooper became suspicious of the man’s behavior and with the driver’s consent, the vehicle was searched. When the woman got out of the car with the two children, she also grabbed her purse.

The trooper searched the woman’s purse and noticed it was extremely heavy. Inside the purse, the trooper found a kilo of cocaine.

Both Arrendondo-Bojorquez and the woman were then arrested and a Division of Children and Family Services caseworker took the children.

In Utah, the cost of a kilo of cocaine, (just over 2 pounds) is $26,000 and can carry a street value of more than $100,000 if sold by the gram, according to Narcotic News.

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