Like everyone else I know, when I have a question, I usually ask Uncle Google (or Dr. Google, or Professor Google, or whatever else you want to call him).

So I was doing a search for some weather information on Google for the local area (St. George and Washington County) and Google assaulted me with question after question, followed by answer after answer. The questions were different and varied, but the answers all seemed to be something about where I call home -- St. George, Utah.

For instance:

Hey Google, is St. George a nice place to live?

Google: "This should not be much of a surprise as St George Utah is ranked as one of America's best places to live. The community enjoys an amazing landscape and experiences milder winters compared to the rest of the state."

Hey Google, what is special about St. George, Utah?

Google: "St. George emerged as the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States. Today, the St. George region is well known for its year-round outdoor recreation and proximity to several state parks, Zion National Park and The Grand Canyon."
Sooo, Google, is that why so many people are moving to Washington County?
Quality of life, safety and economic opportunity combine to make this a desirable place to live.”


That means there's plenty to do in this area?

St. George is one of our favorite jumping-off points in the country for outdoor recreation and family-friendly adventures. Zion National Park is an obvious highlight and one of our favorite national parks, but there are loads more options for hiking, climbing, biking, and cooling off in the water.
And Google, what is the best month to visit St. George, Utah?
St. George is a year-round destination since the weather here is pleasant throughout the year. However, the best time to visit St. George is considered to be the mid-May to late June and from late August to early October.
And Google, for the win, what is winter like in St. George?
Winter in St. George definitely sees colder temperatures, but it's not nearly as unbearable as it can be in other parts of the country. For the winter months of December, January, and February, visitors can expect high temperatures in the 50s and lows in the 30s.

Clearly, the main question should be: Why would I live anywhere else?

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