There's an easy hike in Southern Utah that has a scary name.

Meet the "Belly of the Dragon."


Located just 20 miles east of Zion National Park, the kid-friendly hike offers perhaps the most unique tunnel view you'll ever experience.

The hike is not too far off the road and the whole experience is only about .25 miles each way, so it's perfect for the whole family.


The Belly of the Dragon was originally a water drainage tunnel carved out by the Utah Department of Transportation to try and keep water from flowing over Highway 89.

But over time, water flow has carved the sandstone walls and created a beautiful rippling tunnel, something many of us have never seen.

The team over at has an informative page devoted to the Belly of the Dragon.


They do offer these bits of advice if you're planning on checking out the Belly of the Dragon:

  • There is no cost or fees to hike the tunnel. Since this is a drainage tunnel be cautious and do not enter under rainy conditions. You never know how much water could be coming from the canyons above.
  • Please be respectful and DO NOT add to the carvings in the sandstone walls.
  • Always practice Leave No Trace principals and leave the places you visit the way you found them. Better yet, bring a clean-up bag with you and leave it BETTER than you found it!
  • To get the best light in the tunnel go in the early afternoon.

The Belly of the Dragon is approximately 16 miles north of Kanab, about 1/4 mile of it is on a well-maintained dirt road.

Be aware there are no bathrooms or water-filling facilities on this hike.

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Belly Of The Dragon In Kanab

All Photos Courtesy of Zion Adventure Photography

Gallery Credit: Elle Cabrera

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