Please donate if you can, to help the devastation that has occurred from flash flooding in Cedar City and Enoch.

Donations need to be dropped off at the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce office by 1:30 pm Thursday. They are leaving at 2pm to drive the donations to the Cedar City Chamber office or the command center.

High Priority items needed to help with the flash flood recovery efforts.

·         Mops, Brooms and Dustpans – they have not been able to keep up with the need for these

·         Fans – there is a big need for fans to help dry out basements and buildings

·         Hammers and Crowbars – there are still several basements that need to be gutted

·         Shop Vacs – this is a high priority item as there is still a lot of standing water in numerous homes

·         Square Point Shovels – to remove mud from basement floors

·         Contractor Grade Trash Bags – Heavy Duty bags are needed to haul off debris

·         Five Gallon Buckets - we are completely out of buckets and are in serious need of more

·         Bleach – there is not an adequate supply at this time

·         Fly Abatement – since the flooding, the number of flies has increased significantly

·         Gatorade – we are almost completely out, this is for the crews that helping with the clean up

·         Gluten Free Foods – we have a limited supply gluten free foods

·         Coolers – some homes are without electricity, coolers will help keep food cool

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