At this point, there is an app for everything, including an app to report all the deadheads you find while out in the Utah wilds.  

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources now has an app that will help people report their findings of dead animals, a DWR press release said. This only applies to big game that still have their antlers or horns attached.  

Animals found with antlers or horns still attached are known as deadheads. It’s not uncommon for someone to stumble across detached antlers or horns and then pick them up. However, when it’s a deadhead, it becomes illegal to grab those animal parts without a possession license. 

Sometimes the case is that the animal was killed illegally which means the conservation officers will need the animal to investigate the cause of death. But if the death was natural the officer may allow the person who reported the carcass to keep the antlers.  

“We get a lot of calls and tips about deadheads, and our officers spend a significant amount of time investigating these reports to see if the animal was poached,” DWR Investigations Capt. Wade Hovinga said. “Often, these animals are difficult to access, and it takes time to get to the area and to obtain the location details from the reporting party. This new app will help people quickly report these deadheads and include all the necessary information, which will make it more efficient to investigate these cases.” 

If you find a deadhead, report it on the “Utah Deadhead Reporter” app.  

Once the app has been downloaded, you will need your DWR customer ID to start. There will be a few prompt options for what you want to report.  

  • GPS location of skull 
  • Photos of the animal and surrounding area 
  • Other details 

This will allow officers to investigate poaching cases faster and grant possession permission to those who reported the animal more efficiently. Instructions for downloading the app and submitting a report can be found here.  

For reports related to an animal suspected of being killed illegally, don’t use the “Utah Deadhead Reporter” app. Instead, report to these sources: 

“We know some areas of the state saw increased winter kill of deer and some elk, due to the extreme snow conditions this year, and we are hopeful that this app will reduce some of the investigation and processing time for people who are interested in keeping those deadhead antlers they may find this spring,” Hovinga said. 

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