The laws in Utah say that in most public places, where you don't have an expectation of privacy, taking photos is ok. Photographers are generally restricted from capturing images at military bases, airfields, and shipyards in many countries. Additionally, in certain regions, taking photographs of government buildings may be prohibited.

Where are the places that you are banned from taking photos? Here is the list:

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1. Restrooms
Gross. This one seems like common knowledge. However, sometimes people forget that they are not supposed to take even mirror selfies in public restrooms.

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2. At Work
If you reveal trade secrets, it is not a criminal act but you can be held liable civilly.

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3. Churches or Temples states "Because chapels are sacred, taking photographs or making video recordings in chapels is not permitted." answered like this: "Under normal circumstances, photographers and videographers would be a distraction to the faithful." In 2017 Pope Francis stated, "The priest says 'lift up your hearts'. He does not say, 'lift up your mobile phones to take pictures'. " He also added that using smartphones during the prayer service was an "awful" and "very ugly thing".

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4. Someone's home or apartment
Again, this seems like common sense. But you know what they say about common sense, it's not too common anymore. You cannot take pictures in homes or apartments without all parties knowing and consenting. Under Utah Code § 76-9-402(1)(b), you illegally violate another person's privacy if you install or set up a camera (such as a wireless hidden camera) “in a private place,” such a person's home or apartment unit, without getting permission from the homeowner or tenant.

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5. State Reception Room (Gold Room), Utah State Capitol

6.House and Senate Chambers, Utah State Capitol

7. Supreme Court or other areas behind closed doors within the Utah State Capitol.

You CAN take pictures in all general areas of federal buildings and the general open areas of the Utah State Capitol.

Here is a great list of places you CAN take pictures around the state. ♥ Whitneysuephotography

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