A Kanab who is suspected of murder has made it to trial, and on Monday the 3rd District Court Judge ruled there was enough evidence to move forward.  

The Salt Lake Tribune said that Dustin Pedersen, a Kanab man accused of shooting Salt Lake City resident, Nichole Olsen, was brought to court on July 31. Pedersen gave a “not guilty” plea and is still on bail.  

The family of Olsen is not pleased that Pedersen is on bail and is even requesting his phone back which is still in police custody. 

For those unfamiliar with the incident, in Nov. 2022 Olsen was at a bar just outside SLC with her boyfriend and friends when Pedersen and his friend allegedly tried to pick the girls up. According to Olsen's boyfriend, there was a confrontation, and Pederson, and his friend were escorted out.  

Later, Olsen and the group left the bar and went to a parking lot for an “after party” the SLT said. A BMW allegedly pulled up in front of Olsen’s vehicle and then an altercation occurred between Olsen’s boyfriend and the man in the BMW.  

Olsen was shot during this.  

Olsen did not die on scene and was driven to the hospital by friends, however, she succumbed to her injuries later that night. Pedersen turned himself into the Kane County Sherrif’s Office the following morning.  

There were witnesses and video footage to back up some of these claims.  

The next hearing will be held on Sept. 25. For the full story click here.  

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