KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 62 


Statewide News – 09/27/23 

Decrease In Human Caused Fires 

Despite the many reports of wildfires through the Summer season, new data from state fire officials show that human caused fires are trending downward in Utah since 2020. 

290 human caused wildfires have been reported in Utah so far in 2023, and 425 reports were made in 2022. That number could change as Winter approaches, but it’s trending downward regardless. 

State officials believe this downward momentum is a result of various safety campaigns and weather trends that stop wildfires from spreading. 

Utah Residents Love Spooky Month 

Utah has been named the state most devoted to decorating for Halloween. This is not a first for the beehive state, as this is its third year in a row that it’s won this title. 

The study comes from Lombardo Homes, which said about one out six Utah residents have already begun decorating for the spooky holiday, and it’s not even October yet. 

In case you were wondering, the state expected to decorate the least is New York. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 09/27/23 

Washington County Official Suddenly Passes 

Ron Whitehead, the Public Works Director for Washington County, suddenly passed away on September 25 due to unannounced causes. 

Ron served as the Public Works Director for 23 years and was a born and bred St. George resident. 

You can find more details, including his official obituary which details Ron’s life, in our full article going deeper into the subject. 

St. George Airport Under Construction Starting October 

The St. George Regional Airport will undergo a hefty construction project starting on October 9 that could ultimately lead to more destinations being offered at the Southern Utah based airport. 

The terminal ramp will double in size through the construction, allowing for larger planes to come to the airport. Larger planes could lead to new locations like the highly requested west coast flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

The construction will hamper flights, but not completely halt them. More flights will become available as construction continues until the expected completion date in March.  

Possible Home Invader in Cedar City 

Officials from the Cedar City Police Department are warning residents of the festival city to make sure they lock their homes and vehicles due to a possible trespasser. 

Security cameras have been showing the suspect checking for unlocked doors in a neighborhood. 

The suspect is seen wearing a cloth face mask, a light-colored hoodie, and dark sweatpants. If you have any information on this potential home invader, please contact the authorities ASAP. 

Zion Adds Electric Shuttles to Fleet 

Zion National Park has begun the long journey of annexing propane-powered buses from their fleet of transportation vehicles. 

Five new battery powered electric buses are now working to bring patrons to and from Zion, and officials from the national park have stated that it’s only the beginning.  

The plan is to eventually have more than two-dozen electric buses working for their shuttle system, but no specific end date has been given. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton’s best vacation he’s ever been on was when he went to Newport in California with his entire family. They never really left the hotel except for when they wanted to get all fancy at a local restaurant.  

Most of the trip was spent eating chips and salsa by the pool and playing ping pong. Stockton really hopes he can go again with the whole family, including his ten nieces and nephews. 

Happy Wednesday! You’re halfway there! 

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