KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 64 



Statewide News—09/29/23 

Childcare Grant to End in Utah 

The 2021 Federal Childcare Stabilization grant that allowed thousands of Utah kids access to childcare services is set to expire on Saturday, Sept. 30. The grant gave childcare centers $350 per child and there are 663 centers that will be impacted.  

A bipartisan bill has been introduced in response to the issue. However, with the possible government shutdown, there is no telling what will happen.  

SLC Lawsuit Over Homeless Encampments 

Salt Lake City is facing a lawsuit over the homeless encampment issue that plagues them. The lawsuit says the city is violating its own ordinances. There are nine individuals and entities who are plaintiffs against the city. The issue is that the lawsuit says the city is letting homeless encampments exist unchecked. Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall said the city’s Rapid Intervention Team is going to the homeless encampments to address the problem but is also juggling with a shortage of beds for the homeless.  

Cox Will Continue Children's Food Benefits Amid Government Shutdown 

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox has promised to continue the benefits for the Utah Women, Infants and Children Program should there be a government shutdown. A statement from Cox’s office said that funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will be used to help the more than 44,000 individuals who use the WIC program.  

There could be a partial shutdown on Saturday, Sept. 30 at midnight unless Congress approves funding for the new year.  


Southern Utah/St. George News—09/29/23 

Apple Valley Water Restrictions Ease 

Apple Valley is still dealing with its water crisis, but residents can start to do a bit more starting Friday, Sept. 29. The Big Plains Water District’s statement on Thursday said residents 12 miles east of Hurricane can recommence typical “living uses” for indoor water use. There are still restrictions on outdoor water usage and a boil advisory will remain until the water has been declared safe.  

Emery Burrows Makes it Home 

On Sunday, 7-year-old Emery Burrows was struck by a vehicle after she ran out into the street by her home to grab her soccer ball. Burrows was immediately rushed to the St. George Regional Hospital and diagnosed with a brain hematoma, a skull fracture, and a leg fracture. The girl was then flown to Las Vegas for treatment.  

After being looked at and worked on for several days. Emery made it home on Thursday where she is healing. Read our full article about it here

Semi-Truck Driver Passes After Collision on I-15 

On Wednesday, a semi-truck driver lost control of his rig early in the morning when a car cut him off on the I-15 in Parowan. Witnesses say the car swerved into the median, both heading southbound, and then the truck driver went into the northbound lanes before finally crashing into a fence on an agricultural property. The car never stopped.  

The semi-truck driver was flown to the St. George Regional Hospital but has unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.  


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