Exit 42 by New Harmony is currently in the midst of a large brush fire, possibly due to prohibited weed control.

Summer months in Southern Utah often leads to a surplus of dry grass, and by proxy, higher chances of wildfires breaking out due to negligence. The brush fire during the evening hours of June 8 seems to be a result of such negligence if local witnesses are to be believed.

At the time of writing, various authorities from Cedar City and St. George alike are still fighting the blaze in a walled off area just off exit 42 on I-15.

Many local residents gathered outside of the walled area, looking on toward the smoke and many fire fighters working to put out the flames through whatever means they can.

A chopper was dispatched to disperse flame retardant across the vegetation caught in the fire, and various fire engines were also present to put out the flames as quickly as possible.

This was nowhere near the first brush fire this summer, as many areas around Southern Utah have been affected by brush fires with a variety of sizes.

One of the main reasons there is so much dry grass this summer is due to the increased amount of snowmelt instigating the growth of the plants around St. George, Cedar City and the many smaller towns in between.

In order to keep damage to a minimum, it is highly advised to keep controlled burning of weeds to an absolute minimum if at all, and to avoid bringing anything flammable to any of the many areas being populated by the dry grass.


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