Artificial Intelligence or A.I. has become an increasingly popular work tool and resource, which is why Dixie Technical College is offering a six-week series on the subject.  

A Utah Technical College press release said the school will be working with its locals to help educate them on the uses of A.I. in the workplace.  

The community is invited to register for the AI Training Series at Dixie Technical College to get an in-depth seminar about AI and how it can be utilized throughout different job roles. “—Dixie Technical College 

A.I. has become a part of jobs in communications, technology, and even some art (though the controversy is still going strong). In the last year, it has gained a ton of popularity, especially on TikTok where A.I. filters seem to thrive. So, this is your chance to get “in the know” about A.I. locally.  

The A.I. Training Series will be held on Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. starting Aug. 3 for six weeks in the auditorium at Dixie Technical College. Those interested will need to register and pay a fee.  

You can register here.  

The courses will be taught by the founder and CEO of Zonos, Clint Reid. 

The classes will address: 

  • Newest developments in A.I.  
  • Breakthroughs and innovations 
  • Impact of A.I. in jobs 

This course is perfect for either recent graduates or long=time employees trying to get a leg-up in the workplace. The benefits and downfalls of A.I. are still being explored as it continues to grow and becomes more impactful in jobs.  


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