The Love Like Joe Foundation gave away $49,000 to local charities on Friday after the Love Like Joe Golf Tournament. 

Joe Bowcutt was a pivotal part of the St. George Community in many ways before his passing in 2019. He served on the St. George City Council and worked for Guild Mortage with Steve Stout who is the founder of the Love Like Joe Foundation.  

We had this deep desire to serve and be a contributing and valuable part of the community,” said Stout. “When Joe came along, he just embodied it, and defined it and he took it to a new level.”   


Last year, the LLJ Foundation raised $42,000 at the golf tournament and is always striving to give more.  

This year, they were able to give $10,000 to Neighborhood Connection, Habitat for Humanity, Root for Kids, and Switchpoint. The $9,000 went to Wake-A-Wish Utah.  

“I think it's really cool, what's happened with this and all the people that have joined in because I think it's just awesome what's happened and how everybody's worked so hard on this. It's become such an amazing event,” Kevin Fry Guild Mortage.  


Besides recipients of the checks, Rowdy Bowcutt Joe’s wife, and his stepson Bryan Smethurst, were also present.  

Next year, the goal is to double the amount and get an even bigger crowd at the Love Like Joe Golf Tournament. The tournament will also be held later next year on Nov. 1 to provide better golfing conditions, Fry said.  

To get involved call 435-674-1090. 



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